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US Democrats stand up for abortion rights


The Supreme Court has slapped womennot respecting their ability to choose the moment to start a family, and cut of the latter, denounced the speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on the CBS television channel.

This is something so serious, personal, and disrespectful to women. »

A quote from Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

On Wednesday, the Senate is expected to vote on a federal law guaranteeing the right to abortion, according to the leader of the Democrats in the upper house, Chuck Schumer.

A symbolic vote

This vote should above all be symbolic. The majority of the Democrats there is too narrow to allow them to adopt such a text: they would need a majority increased by 60 votes out of 100.

The only other option currently available to abortion rights advocates would be to change Senate rules to pass such a law by a simple majority. But Republicans and a handful of elected officials from Joe Biden’s camp oppose this scenario for the moment.

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has, despite everything, promised to fight so that the right to abortion remains guaranteed, promising to Do not abandon.

This is the greatest fight of a generation. We would be half-citizens according to this decision. And if it becomes law, it will change the foundations of America. »

A quote from Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Senator on CNN

The elected Republican Nancy Mace, opposed to abortion, pleaded for an exception in the event of rape.

Explaining that she herself was raped, Nancy Mace said on CBS that given the physical, emotional traumathis decision should be made by the woman concerned, his doctor and God.

If the Supreme Court were to annul the case law that has founded the right to abortion since 1973, each state would be free to prohibit or authorize abortion. Half of them, mainly in the conservative and religious South and Center, are expected to take this route.

Mississippi (south) will ban it, except in cases of rape or danger to the life of the mother, confirmed Republican Governor Tate Reeves on NBC.

Thinking about next steps, he said the pro life movementas the opponents of abortion call themselves, should now prove that it is not not just anti-abortionhelping future mothers and young children.

About 61% of Americans think abortion should be legal, according to a poll published by the research institute Pew this week.

But, as with so many other societal issues, the gap between Democrats and Republicans is wide, and even wider than 15 years ago. Among the former, 8 out of 10 people are for it, almost twice as much as among the latter.

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