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US elected officials confront Meta over removal of abortion aid content


Articles show that many posts providing information on accessing legal termination of pregnancy (abortion) services have been taken down, often within minutes of going livesay Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

On Instagram, other similar content has been covered by warnings for sensitive or explicit content.

The two women say to each other worried in front of the censorship exercised, according to them, by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

The senators cite examples, from promoting an abortion documentary to a message titled Abortion in America: How You Can Help.

Towards the end of June, after the Supreme Court had revoked the constitutional right to abortion in the United States, messages of information and mobilization against this decision multiplied on the platforms as well as proposals to send or receive abortion pills by mail, for women who need them.

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Meta had already reacted to press articles at the end of June by recalling that it is prohibited to buy, sell, exchange, give or ask for medicines on their social networksbut that content that discusses the availability and accessibility of prescription drugs is permittedaccording to a tweet from Andy Stone, spokesperson for Meta.

We discovered examples of incorrect application [du règlement] and we correct themhe added.

Regarding the warning banners on Instagram, the communications side of the app reported a computer bug, which would have had repercussions on different content, not only those related to the right to abortion.

The two senators ask Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri, the respective bosses of Meta and Instagram, for additional information on what the company is doing about these enforcement issues.

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