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US ends tariffs on Canadian solar panels


The Minister of International Trade, Mary Ng, indicated that this agreement reflects the common will of the two countries to fight against climate change and to develop the industry of renewable energies.

Minister Ng attends a meeting of the Free Trade Commission in Vancouver. US Trade Representative Katherine Tai and Mexican Economy Secretary Tatiana Clouthier are also taking part in the meeting.

These US tariffs on solar products were imposed by the previous administration, under President Donald Trump, in 2018. Since then, Canadian exports of solar products south of the border have fallen by 82%, according to Ottawa.

Last February, a dispute resolution committee determined that by keeping Canadian products under the yoke of their alleged protective measuresthe United States was in breach of its obligations under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

Mary Ng also announced that she would bring the issue of softwood lumber back to the table during her one-on-one with Ms Tai.

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The only way forward is to find a solution with the United Statesdid she say.

Both officials agree that this is an important issue, but the potential solutions to this problem are not very clear.

Katherine Tai reiterated her support for the industry. Our priority is to ensure that American lumber producers can compete on the same terms., did she say. Subsidized wood and dumping undermine their ability to compete effectively fair.

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