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US relies on innovation and its allies to stand in the way of China


Speaking at the Reagan Forum in US National Defense in California, Austin said recent Chinese military activities and China’s aggressive stance in the Indo-Pacific region, including around Taiwan, are troubling. .

And if the United States remains true to its long-standing policy of Unique china, they are working in parallel to support Taiwan so that the autonomous island is able to defend itself.

We are lucid in the face of the challenges that China represents. But China is not a 10-foot adversary. We are America.

A quote from Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense

America is not a country that fears competition. And we will beat this competition with confidence and determination, not with panic and pessimism, he added.

This speech by the Secretary of Defense comes against the backdrop of the United States struggling to counter the growing economic and military might of China, which has made tremendous strides in space, technology and space. nuclear.

Taiwan’s stake

The challenge remains to counter Beijing’s rise to power, while avoiding direct confrontation. Tensions continue to mount between rival states, however, as China deploys more and more fighters in airspace near Taiwan, fueling fears of a possible invasion.

American policy of Unique china recognizes Beijing as the government of China, but allows informal relations as well as military relations with Taipei.

Asked whether Chinese military operations around Taiwan should be interpreted as exercises for an invasion, Lloyd Austin admitted that the whole looks a lot like exploring their true abilities and certainly a rehearsal.

But, he hastens to add that the United States does not seek confrontation with China and that it is therefore important that the two States continue to communicate and promote transparency.

Prior to his jump to California, Mr. Lloyd was in South Korea on his third trip to the Indo-Pacific region since his appointment earlier this year.

When it comes to technological innovations, the Defense Secretary believes the United States needs to make progress in autonomous systems, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence so that it benefits its defense industry more quickly.

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