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Uvalde shooting: Matthew McConaughey pleads for better gun control


Actor Matthew McConaughey, from the town of Uvalde, Texas, where the recent shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children, believes that the minimum age for buying a car should be raised to 21. AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

This is the model of weapon used by the shooter, a young man barely 18 years old, who also killed two teachers during his massacre at Robb Elementary School on May 24.

The famous actor made the plea during a visit to the White House on Tuesday, where he also said that responsible gun owners have more than enough than the second amendment [de la Constitution, NDLR] be abused and hijacked by disturbed people.

Proponents of gun ownership in the United States claim that this constitutional amendment guarantees the right to own and bear firearms.

Uvalde is where I learned to revere the power and capabilities of the tool we call a gun. Uvalde is where I learned about being a responsible gun ownerlaunched Mr. McConaughey.

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In an often emotionally charged speech, the 51-year-old actor claimed that while we pay tribute to the memory of the victims, this time we must recognize that something is different.

There is a feeling that maybe there is a way forward. The responsible parties in this debate seem to at least want to commit to sitting down and having a real conversation about a way forward.

Mr. McConaughey also met with elected Democrats and Republicans in Congress, where discussions are going well to try to unblock this file that has been stuck in immobility for decades.

However, the actor’s call to action is unlikely to achieve the goal of greater gun control.

Republicans almost unanimously reject a tightening of the rules, while Democrats argue that a compromise would be ineffective on this issue.

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