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Vaccinated tourists can now travel to Australia


The wait is overAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a press conference on Sunday. Pack your bagshe launched to potential visitors to the island, adding to their address: Don’t forget to bring your cash with you, as you’ll find plenty of places to spend it.

The first international flight to Sydney Airport was due to arrive from Los Angeles at 6 a.m. Australian time on Monday, followed by other planes from Tokyo, Vancouver and Singapore.

Only 56 international flights were expected to reach Australia in the first 24 hours after reopening, well below pre-pandemic levels, but Mr Morrison said he only had no doubt that number will increase over time.

The huge island had closed its borders in March 2020 trying to take advantage of its insularity to protect itself from the pandemic. At first, for several months, this draconian closure and a strict screening and tracing policy made it possible to contain the effects of the virus.

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However, the arrival of the Omicron variant then aggravated the situation, which led to tens of thousands of contaminations and tens of deaths per day.

In total, in almost two years, COVID-19 has killed 4,913 people in Australia. There were 15,298 new cases there on Sunday, well below the historic peak of 277,619 cases on January 30.

During these two years, Australians were not allowed to leave their country most of the time and only a few visitors obtained an exemption to enter the territory.

These restrictions have separated families, hurt the tourism sector and sparked debates about Australia’s status as an open, modern and outward-looking country.

High costs

Closing borders has cost $3.28 billion every month, according to the country’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Even tennis world No. 1 Novak Djokovic was not allowed to play at the Australian Open last January because he was not vaccinated. The government expelled him after a long legal series.

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Small flat, travelers will not be able to reach the vast state of Western Australia from Monday: they will have to wait until March 3. In this region, the authorities have in recent months conducted a particularly strict policy known as zero covid which cut it off from the rest of the country.

To attract tourists, the Australian government launched a 40 million Australian dollars (C$36.6 million) advertising campaign.

However, the Australian International Tourism Council (ATEC) has referred to worrying signs a potential reluctance by foreigners to travel to Australia due to various domestic travel restrictions and the image left by the country’s draconian shutdown for two years.

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