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Vancouver-made video game tops charts


The creator and director of East Side Games, Josh Nilson is not new to creating video games from television series. He has already uploaded games like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Trailer Park Boys.

According to him, obtaining the rights to the series The Office however, allowed him to reach an even wider audience.

The game, titled in English The Office: Somehow We Managetakes players into the fictional world of Dunder Mifflin, the papermaking company from the TV series, to interact with the original characters and relive some of the series’ highlights.

If the game is based on the television series, however, Josh Nilson wanted it to take the player further. [que le jeu]be a supplement to the universe [de l’émission] we rely on”,”text”:”We love [que le jeu]be a supplement to the universe [de l’émission] on which we rely”}}”>WE love [que le jeu] be a supplement to the universe [de l’émission] on which we relyhe explains.

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Building on BC Strengths

A native of Prince George, the managing director of East Side Games now hopes the game will bolster the province’s reputation for technological development.

Although he now works in Vancouver, Josh Nilson believes the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled a real decentralization of the tech industry, as people can work from anywhere.

They no longer need to move to Vancouver or Victoria to work with a video game studiohe explains.

The gaming industry alone created the equivalent of 8,700 full-time jobs in the province from 2019 to 2021, according to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

With information from Melody Jacobson and the show The Early Edition

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