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Videos of Joe Rogan saying the N-word resurface


The compilation of about thirty seconds shows the famous commentator using the term about twenty times during his broadcast. The N-word is seen as one of the worst insults you can throw at a black person.

For more than a week, several artists, including Neil Young and Gilles Vigneault, have removed their albums from Spotify, the distribution platform hosting the star host’s shows.

They accuse the Swedish music giant of leaving the field open to disinformation on COVID-19, in particular because of Joe Rogan’s controversial comments on the subject.

Other artists who recently removed their creations from Spotify, such as African-American singer-songwriter India Arie, have also denounced talk about race of the commentator.

The recent video of Joe Rogan saying the N-word reinforces the multiple Grammy winner’s point.

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He shouldn’t even say that word. Don’t even say it, in any context. Don’t tell. This is my position. I always defended her she said in a short-lived post on Instagram.

Clearly, I planted myself

The controversial host issued an apology in the form of a video posted on social media.

In the segment lasting a few minutes, he pledges never to use the N-word again, calling his approach a the most regrettable and shameful thing [il ait] never had to speak in public.

I haven’t said that word in years, but for a long time when I brought up that word in conversation, instead of saying the “n” word, I just said the word – I thought as long as it was spoken in context, people understood what I was doinghe explains.

Spotify, which last year signed a roughly US$100 million deal with Joe Rogan, has not commented on the deal.

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The platform has, however, committed to including links to scientifically-sourced information for podcasts related to COVID-19.

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