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Vladimir Putin denounces NATO’s “imperial ambitions” | War in Ukraine


The call for Ukraine to continue fighting and refuse negotiations only confirms our assumption that Ukraine and the good of the Ukrainian people is not the objective of the West and NATO , but a way to defend their own interestssaid Mr. Putin, during a press conference in Ashkhabad, the Turkmen capital.

NATO’s leading countries want […] assert their hegemony, their imperial ambitionshe accused.

The Atlantic Alliance and above all the United States had long needed to have an external enemy around which it could unite its alliesaccording to Vladimir Putin.

Iran was not good for thishe estimated.

We gave them this chance, the chance to unite everyone around themquipped Mr. Putin.

Warning to Sweden and Finland

Regarding the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, Mr Putin assured that his country saw no no problem.

We have no problems with Sweden and Finland, as we have with Ukrainedid he declare.

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We have no territorial disputes […]there is nothing that could bother us from the point of view of Sweden and Finland joining NATOassured the master of the Kremlin.

However, Vladimir Putin warned thatin the event of the deployment of military contingents and military infrastructure there, we will be forced to respond symmetrically and create the same threats to the territories from which the threats to us emanate.

The membership process for Sweden and Finland was officially launched on Wednesday at the NATO summit in Madrid.

Putin defends his army

In addition, returning to military operations on Ukrainian ground, the Russian president on Wednesday rejected the responsibility of the Russian army in the strike which killed at least 18 people according to kyiv in a crowded shopping center in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

Our army does not hit any civilian infrastructure sites. We have every possibility of knowing where what isassured Mr. Putin.

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With us, nobody shoots just like that, at random. Normally this is done based on target intelligence data and with high precision weaponshe continued.

Ukraine has accused Russia of hitting and destroying a shopping center in Kremenchuk, 330 kilometers southeast of kyiv, on Monday, killing at least 18 people and leaving them missing.

The next day, the Russian army denied having targeted a civilian installation, claiming to have bombed a nearby arms depot and that the shopping center was not in operation at the time.

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