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Vladimir Putin honors a brigade accused by Ukraine of Boutcha’s abuses | War in Ukraine


Vladimir Putin signed, according to the Kremlin, a decree granting the honorary title of “Guard” to this brigade because of heroism and tenacity, determination and courage of his men.

The skilful and decisive actions of all staff [de la brigade] during the special military operation in Ukraine are a model of execution of military duty, courage, determination and high professionalismMr. Putin wrote to the military.

The Kremlin does not indicate where these men are or where they have been deployed previously. We also do not know the nature of their missions.

A man grimaces in a mass grave.

A man reacts as he examines a mass grave in Boutcha, near kyiv. Forensic technicians and French gendarmes came to lend a hand to the Ukrainians to shed light on the abuses committed in this suburb of kyiv.

Photo: afp via getty images/Sergei Supinsky

Ukraine has accused the Russian army, and in particular the 64th brigade in question, of having committed a massacre of civilians in Boutcha, discovered after the withdrawal of Russian soldiers on March 30.

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Russia denies and has accused the Ukrainian authorities and the Western media of having staged the massacre, or the Ukrainian forces of having committed it to accuse Moscow of it.

Ukrainian authorities say they have discovered 1,222 bodies in Butcha and other kyiv suburbs since the Russian army withdrew at the end of March.

President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russia of genocide. Some of its Western allies have done the same, while others are content to invoke war crimes, arguing that it is up to lawmakers and international observers to determine if it is indeed genocide. under the law and conventions.

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