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War in Ukraine: a cadre of the Russian occupation dies after an attack | War in Ukraine


Vitali Goura, deputy head of administration of Nova Kakhovka, in charge of communal services, died of his injuriessaid a local official, Katerina Goubareva, on Saturday evening.

This executive was seriously injured on Saturday morning after an attack at his home and suffered multiple bullet wounds, said an anonymous source from this administration, quoted by the TASS agency.

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The locality of Nova Kakhovka, on the Dnieper and under Russian control, is located about 80 kilometers east of the city of Kherson.

In recent months, several officials appointed by Moscow have been the target of attacks in Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian army.

Since a large part of the Kherson region and part of that of Zaporijia have been taken, the Kremlin has been pursuing a policy of Russification there with a view to possible annexation. Moscow introduced the ruble there and encourages residents to receive Russian passports.

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At the same time, the Ukrainian army has been carrying out counter-offensives on the Kherson front for several weeks. It has managed to regain ground and get closer to this city of 290,000 inhabitants, but has not yet managed to break through the Russian defenses deeply.

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