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Washington and Taipei are preparing to negotiate a trade agreement in September


These discussions are part of an initiative announced in June and which has already given rise to a first meeting the same month.

The talks will cover a wide variety of topics, including agriculture, e-commerce and lifting trade barriers, the office of US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said in a statement.

A trade agreement enhance trade and investmentand encourage innovation and inclusive economic growth for our workers and businessessaid Sarah Bianchi, Assistant to the US Trade Representative.

We welcome this opportunity to deepen economic collaboration between our two freedom-loving countries while shaping a new model of business cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.tweeted the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taiwan and the United States are already important trading partners. The island is also an indispensable global supplier of semiconductors, needed in particular in mobile phones, computers, cars and missiles.

China strongly opposes

But Taipei’s biggest trading partner remains Beijing, which has reacted by strongly opposing to negotiations.

China has always opposed any official exchange between a country and the Chinese region of Taiwan.Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokeswoman Shu Jueting told reporters on Thursday, adding that the issue concerns China-US relations.

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Last year, 42% of Taiwan’s exports went to China and Hong Kong, compared to 15% to the United States.

Beijing considers Taiwan its territory and has vowed to take it back, by force if necessary.

For its part, Washington recognizes the Beijing regime and not that of Taipei, but maintains de facto relations with Taiwan.

Taipei and Washington have already been linked since 1994 by a frame on trade and investment, which is not a formal agreement.

Washington refuses to change its position on Taiwan and accuses Beijing of threatening peace by exploiting the visit to the island in early August by the speaker of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Chinese authorities viewed the Democratic leader’s visit to the House of Representatives as a provocation and responded with trade sanctions imposed on Taiwan as well as military maneuvers near the island.

Pressures that will continue, predicts Washington

A senior US diplomat said Thursday he expects Beijing to step up in the weeks and months to come its coercion military, economic and diplomatic on Taiwan.

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If our policy has not changed, what has changed is Beijing’s growing coercionsaid Daniel Kritenbrink, chief for East Asia at the State Department, during a conference call with reporters.

Chinese military exercises participate in an intense campaign of coercion […] to intimidate and coerce Taiwan and undermine its resilienceanalyzed Mr. Kristenbrink.

The American diplomat assured that Washington would respond with calm but resolute measures to keep the Taiwan Strait open.

During its maneuvers, the Chinese army fired several ballistic missiles into the waters of Taiwan. Beijing hadn’t made such a show of force since the mid-1990s.

For its part, Taiwan presented its most advanced fighter plane on Wednesday in a rare nighttime demonstration.

Facing the threat of recent military exercises by Chinese communist forces, we have remained vigilant while establishing the concept of “battlefields anywhere and training at any time”. […] to ensure national securitythe Taiwan Air Force said in a statement.

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