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“We are going to cause the collapse of the Russian economy”, warns Paris | War in Ukraine


The economic and financial balance of power is totally in favor of the European Union which is in the process of discovering its economic powerunderlined Mr. Le Maire on France Info radio.

We are going to wage an all-out economic and financial war on Russia. »

A quote from Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy

One of the latest measures adopted by the West, the blocking of foreign currency assets of the Russian Central Bank held abroad, caused the ruble to plunge on Monday, and many Russians rushed to their banks to withdraw cash.

As a matter of urgency, Russia banned its residents from transferring foreign currencies abroad and forced Russian exporters to convert a large part of their income into rubles.

The total Russian assets that the allies will freeze representbillions of dollars”,”text”:”nearly 1000billion dollars”}}’>almost 1000 billion dollars, said the Mayor. He acknowledged that the Russian people would suffer the effects of the sanctions because of its leader.

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, pressure has mounted on the major Western oil and gas groups present in Russia, since the country derives the majority of its income from the exploitation of its energy resources.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev reacted to the French minister’s remarks by issuing a warning. A French minister said today that they had declared economic war on us. Watch your speech, gentlemen! And do not forget that economic wars in the history of mankind have often turned into real warshe said on Twitter.

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