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We can “like” a story without sending a private message on Instagram


The boss of the social network owned by Meta (formerly the Facebook group), Adam Mosseri, announced on social networks that this function would be start from Monday.

Concretely, it appears as a heart icon between the field to Send a message and the one to transfer the story to another account (represented by a paper airplane), when watching a story.

The idea is to make sure that people can rely on each other, but also to clean up private messaging a little bit.said Adam Mosseri.

If you click on this heart, the person who posted will not receive a message, but will see, in the page indicating who has seen the story, a heart icon appear next to the person who has seen (and liked) the contents.

The social network will not maintain a public count of these likes. They will only be visible to the author of the story.

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