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“We must stop discrimination against people with HIV”


The executive director of the Coalition of Quebec Community Organizations for the Fight against AIDS (COCQ-sida) and member of the organizing committee of the International AIDS Conference, Ken Monteith, says that discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS is still well presented. Although there have been great medical advances, there are, according to him, “a lot of unresolved things” around the disease.

There is discrimination in work, for the delivery of services such as in health, there are problems with insurance. »

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Ken Monteith

Infections have seen a significant increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic, deplores Ken Monteith. Many services have been cut.

The $18 million fund announced by the federal government to improve access to self-testing is well received by the executive director of COCQ-sida.

Ken Monteith looks at the different steps that need to be taken if Canada is to reach its target of ending HIV/AIDS by 2030.

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