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We spent 30% of our waking time on mobile apps in 2021


This is a 30% increase from 2019, data compiled on 10 markets, including Canada and the United States.

Time spent on these devices is even greater in Brazil, South Korea and Indonesia, where more than five hours a day are spent on smartphones, according to the App Annie report.Have (New window)Have.

About 7 out of 10 minutes are spent on photo and video posting apps, like TikTok.

Impressive numbers for TikTok

Social network TikTok tops the list for the largest increase in elapsed time on the app between 2020 and 2021, at 90%.

It is the most downloaded application in Canada, ahead of Instagram, Messenger and Facebook. On a monthly basis, each user spent 20.6 hours on TIkTok nationwide in 2021.

According to App Annie, the app will exceed 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2022.

Growing entertainment

Gamers spent approximately US $ 116 billion (C $ 145 billion) on mobile games in 2021 globally. Canadians alone paid US $ 1.8 billion (C $ 2.2 billion), which is US $ 250 million (C $ 312.6 million) more than in 2020.

Among the most popular mobile games in the world are Roblox, Toca Life: World, Subway Surfers and Hair Challenge.

It’s not Netflix that sits at the top of the charts for the world’s most downloaded video streaming apps, but YouTube, which has over 1 million downloads in 60 different countries. According to App Annie’s estimates, Netflix should also reach this level in 2022.

The pandemic in our smartphones

The COVID-19 pandemic and its many side effects are also reflected in the use of smartphones. COVID-19 tracking or vaccination passport applications have been widely downloaded all over the world.

Applications for ordering and having food delivered have also become essential, recording a 50% increase in connections compared to 2020. In Canada, the Tim Hortons application tops the list of downloads, followed by McDonald’s Canada and UberEats.

Internet users have been looking for new ways to get in shape, due to the closure of gyms in several places around the world. That’s why health and fitness apps were popular in 2021. In Canada, the AllTrails mobile app led the market, ahead of Fitbit.

Dating apps are no exception either, with a marked increase of 95% in spending on them in 3 years. It is 113.2 million US dollars (141.5 million Canadian dollars) that were spent in 2021 on this type of application in the country.

Well-being and mental health have also found pride of place in smartphones, especially among young people, based on the 27% download growth experienced by apps like Headspace. and Calm. The latter is the fourth most downloaded applications in the country.

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