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Westerners call for “preserving electoral dynamics” in Libya


France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States took note on Friday of the postponement of the presidential election in Libya, calling on the Libyan authorities concerned to set a final date for the vote without delay. and to publish without delay the final list of candidates.

The postponement of the election, initially scheduled for Friday, weakens a process supported by the international community to get the country out of the political deadlock and runs the risk of a resumption of hostilities between the government in Tripoli and the Marshal’s supporters. Khalifa Haftar, based in Benghazi.

In a joint statement, the spokespersons of the foreign ministries of the five powers believe that free, fair and credible elections will enable the Libyan people to endow themselves with a representative and unified government and to strengthen the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.

It is important to maintain the momentum in favor of the achievement of these objectives, they add.

Parliament has not set a new date for the ballot, but the electoral commission suggested in a statement that it be held on January 24, if the conditions are right.

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