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What did the Quebec population look for on Google in 2021?


Vaccination passport , Quebec curfew , Loto-vaccine Quebec , Containment Quebec … News about the pandemic dominated queries for news on Google in Quebec.

At the top of the list, we find the mention COVID vaccination near me , which testifies to the importance that the vaccination campaign has taken in the province throughout the year.

Several queries related to the COVID-19 pandemic have slipped into the list of most requested questions starting with How? ‘Or’ What , to know : How to obtain the vaccination passport? (1st position), How do I get my QR code? (2nd position) and How to strengthen the immune system? (10th position).

Major sporting events

In second position of the prize list, we find NHL , the acronym in English for the National Hockey League. This result is not surprising, considering the Montreal Canadiens advanced to the Stanley Cup final last summer. Goalkeeper Carey Price has his own place in the list of most wanted news, coming in eighth.

Athletes from Quebec have also performed well internationally at sporting events. Think of Wimbledon, which ranks third in Google searched news, where Félix Auger-Aliassime and Leylah Annie Fernandez shone.

A tennis player returning a ball.

Leylah Annie Fernandez returns a ball against Emma Raducanu of Great Britain in the US Open final.

Photo: Getty Images / Elsa

The latter also tops the list of athletes appearing the most in Google queries in Quebec and Canada, surpassing Carey Price (2nd place in Quebec) and hockey player Jake Evans (3rd place in Quebec).

The Quebec population sought to learn about the Tokyo Olympics, which had been postponed to the summer of 2021 (5th position for the most sought-after news).

The trend is in the arts and entertainment

The fever surrounding the South Korean series The squid game (Squid Game), the biggest success in the history of the streaming platform Netflix, saw it slip into fifth place.

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Then comes the drama surrounding the American actor Alec Baldwin and the gun shooting that caused the death of a filmmaker on the set of the western film. Rust which attracted attention, occupying the sixth place.

People dressed in green are squatting on the ground, threatened by other people dressed in green and carrying guns.

In “Squid Game”, people in debt engage in a lethal version of children’s games in order to earn money.

Photo: Netflix / 21 Laps Entertainment / Monkey Massacre

Reality TV Double occupancy in the West Also found a ninth place in the top 10 general search trends on Google. She comes second, behind the request ” Squid Game “.

Other reality shows have attracted attention in Quebec, including The island of love, in third place of the most searched series on Google, Star academy (5th place), If we loved each other (6th place) and Big Brother celebrities (9th place).

The highly anticipated film Dune Quebec director Denis Villeneuve dominates research related to films in the province. The title Shang-Chi comes second, followed by Halloween kills, Army of the dead and Eternals. The Time Harvester, a Quebec film, occupies ninth place in research trends.

The director gives indications to the actors.

Denis Villeneuve during the filming of “Dune” in the middle of the desert.

Photo: Warner Bros. / Chiabella James

The kitchen is always popular

Pallet roast, it is eaten in Quebec in 2021, if we believe the list of the most requested recipes on Google. Osso buco, recipes with eggplant and pizza dough have also occupied a prominent place on the plates of the province.

We also sought to know how to get rid of fruit flies, a question that comes in eighth place on the list of questions starting with How? ‘Or’ What.

Other notable trends

Quebecers were more interested than ever in the stock market and cryptocurrencies in 2021, with three references in the top 10 Google search trends: GME Stock (7th row), AMC Stock (8th row) and Ethereum price (10th row).

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How to buy bitcoin is ranked sixth in the list of the 10 most requested searches starting with How? ‘Or’ What .

The federal elections are the third most popular research trend.

Research trends in Quebec

  1. COVID vaccination near me
  2. NHL
  3. Federal Elections
  4. NBA
  5. Squid Game
  6. Alec baldwin
  7. GME Stock
  8. AMC Stock
  9. Double occupancy in the West
  10. Ethereum price

News trends sought in Quebec

  1. Vaccination passport
  2. Quebec curfew
  3. Wimbledon
  4. Loto-vaccine in Quebec
  5. Olympic Games
  6. Gabby Petito
  7. Federal Elections
  8. Carey Price
  9. Containment Quebec
  10. Tornado in Mascouche

Research trends – films in Quebec

  1. Dune
  2. Shang-Chi
  3. Halloween kills
  4. Army of the dead
  5. Eternals
  6. Red Notice
  7. Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  8. Space jam
  9. The Time Harvester
  10. After We Collided

Research trends – TV series in Quebec

  1. Squid Game
  2. Double occupancy in the West
  3. Island of love
  4. The beautiful discomforts 2.0
  5. Star academy
  6. If we loved each other
  7. Cecil Hotel
  8. Outer Banks
  9. Big Brother Quebec
  10. Maid

Research trends – athletes in Quebec

  1. Leylah fernandez
  2. Carey Price
  3. Jake evans
  4. Tiger woods
  5. Kyle beach
  6. Mark Scheifele
  7. Pierre-Luc Dubois
  8. Marc-André Fleury
  9. Andre De Grasse
  10. David Savard

Research trends – recipes in Quebec

  1. Roast pallet
  2. Osso Buco
  3. Recipe with eggplant
  4. Pizza dough
  5. Recipe with ground beef
  6. Beef bourguignon
  7. Leek cream
  8. Slow cooker pork tenderloin
  9. Bovine Tartar
  10. Sugar shack omelet

Research trends – How… in Quebec

  1. How to obtain the vaccination passport?

  2. How do I get my QR code?

  3. How To Make Money Fast?

  4. How to lose weight from the belly?

  5. How to stop hiccups?

  6. How to buy bitcoins?

  7. How to sleep quickly?

  8. How to get rid of fruit flies?

  9. How to make an ice rink?

  10. How to strengthen the immune system?

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