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What future for the right to abortion in the United States?


The case has been without suspense for many experts and observers since the hearing on December 1; this is the case of sociologist Kimberly Kelly, a specialist in the study of genres in Mississippi.

She believes that the highest court in the United States, now dominated by conservative judges, will repeal the historic Roe v Wade ruling, which allowed the same court to allow American women to have abortions in 1973.

No one has to endure the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy, as long as it is possible to “give” their child up for adoption.

First, studies show very clearly that women find adoption more traumatic than abortion. Getting your child adopted means knowing that he is somewhere without knowing where and wondering how he is doing. And for women, it’s deeply traumatic. So this idea that adoption is a solution that makes everyone happy, it really isn’t.

When you force women to carry their pregnancies to term, you are essentially forcing poor women to bear children for influential people and couples.

A quote from Kimberly Kelly, Gender Studies Specialist in Mississippi

Second, it is to eclipse the very condition of being pregnant. To claim that nine months of pregnancy is nothing by omitting what that entails as health risks, what it takes in terms of time, in medical visits, in medical insurance – which many of them do not have – and even in a healthy person, pregnancy is such a profound experience that no one should force another human being to bring it to term. I am frankly surprised to hear that a person who has had seven children can be so dismissive of the burden that this represents.

The pro-choicers often reproach men for deciding in place of women … But that this position is held by a woman, what does that mean?

She is of course entitled to her opinion. I’m not surprised to see a woman embrace conservative positions that hurt women as a group. She’s the kind of person to consider her options and decide that what her privilege, race, and class give her more than compensates for the hardships and oppression she endures as a woman. In sociology, we call it the patriarchal market : when a woman realizes what real independence would cost her and decides that it is better for her to live according to the rules of patriarchy. Of course, this only applies for women who are quite influential, who are white and heterosexual. As is Amy Coney Barrett.

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