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WhatsApp announces features to boost the privacy of its followers


1- Leave a group silently

Until now, when someone wanted to leave a group on WhatsApp, each member of the chat received a notification.

The embarrassment this can cause will soon be a thing of the past: WhatsApp will allow people to silently leave a group. Only the administrators of the groups will be informed of the departure.

This option will be added in the next WhatsApp update, due later in August.

2- Block screenshots

The functionality of sending a single message, which can be viewed only once before disappearing, loses its meaning if a screenshot is possible.

WhatsApp has understood this, and that is why its users can choose to block them.

However, this solution is not infallible, because nothing prevents a person from taking a picture of their screen with another device, or from using another screen capture application than the one integrated into their smartphone.

However, you will have to be patient, because this function is still in the test phase, which means that it is only available to a limited group of Internet users for the moment.

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3- Hide your activity

People who wish to hide their status on line or the time of their last connection on WhatsApp will soon be able to do so. The application will allow its users to choose who can see this information, whether it is everyone, nobody, contacts or selected people only.

This feature will also be included in the next app update.

The WhatsApp announcement comes as Apple prepares to roll out its next operating system update, iOS 16, which promises to improve iMessage, the iPhone’s built-in messaging system. On the program for Apple in September: the possibility of canceling the sending of a message, of modifying it within 15 minutes or of displaying it as unread.

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