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When the iPhone came into our lives


On June 29, 2007, Apple launched its first phone on the American market: the iPhone. The enthusiasm of enthusiasts is palpable for this smart phone covered with a touch screen. In the mobile phone industry, however, we wonder if there is room for another model of cell phone.

At Newscast June 28, 2007, news anchor Bernard Derome presents the new phone on the eve of its launch in the United States.

A combination of cell phone, walkman, camera and Internet browser, all in a sleek design that made Apple’s fortune. »

A quote from The head of the antenna Bernard Derome

In his report, Jean-Hugues Roy describes the usual frenzy around a new gadget. He criticizes the culture of secrecy surrounding the mobile device, which retails for CA$550 to $650. The expert concludes: “You should never buy the first version of anything. »

Canadians will not be entitled to this first version of the iPhone. It’s more than a year after the feature phone will be launched in Canada. This time, it is the exclusive distribution rights of the Rogers company that arouses passions.

At Newscast July 4, 2008, the report by Vincent Maisonneuve reports a wave of discontent and a petition with more than 30,000 signatures. The protesters denounce the salty prices of Rogers and the packages deemed too restrictive.

Sign with the Rogers badge and logo in front of its headquarters building in Montreal.

Rogers company sign in Montreal

Photo: /TurnedNews.com

The report is broadcast a week before the release of the iPhone in Canada. To calm things down, Rogers offered an additional package to its customers.

Fifteen years later, the iPhone is far from threatened. The device has invested well in the telephony market, in addition to revolutionizing our daily lives.

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