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WHO wants to end the pandemic in 2022 | Coronavirus


Speaking at a press conference at the headquarters of theWorld Health Organization in Geneva (Switzerland), the head of the all-powerful UN agency recommended to families and people who want to spend time together at the end of the year to think twice: a canceled event is better than a life less.

To protect your loved ones and yourself, it is better to cancel an event, he said.

In the coming year, theWorld Health Organization is committed to doing everything in its power to end the pandemic.

A quote from Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Managing Director ofWorld Health Organization

At a time when the 5th wave of COVID-19 is hitting many countries head-on and the appearance of the Omicron variant has plunged the planet back into urgency, the boss of theWorld Health Organization, today one of the most familiar faces in the fight against the coronavirus, expressed a wish: 2022 must be the year we end the pandemic.

Vaccine inequity in Omicron’s time

He once again pleaded for better access to vaccines in disadvantaged countries.

% of the population of each country will be vaccinated by the middle of next year “,” text “:” If we are to end the pandemic in the coming year, we must end the inequity [vaccinale] ensuring that 70% of the population of each country is vaccinated by the middle of next year “}}”>If we are to end the pandemic in the coming year, we must end the inequity [vaccinale] ensuring that 70% of the population in each country is vaccinated by the middle of next year, said Tedros.

He reiterated that theWorld Health Organization was not opposed to booster doses, but stressed that they should be reserved for people at risk or over 65 years of age. The head ofWorld Health Organization thus felt that countries which give booster doses to perfectly healthy adults or children would do better to try to share these doses or to convince unvaccinated people to take the plunge.

The comments come after American scientist Anthony Fauci, the White House adviser on the health crisis, warned on Sunday that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 unleashed around the world, worrying about the number of Americans still not vaccinated.

Omicron is spreading at full speed across the planet, causing restrictions in many countries such as lockdown in the Netherlands. But its degree of dangerousness is still difficult to assess, according to theWorld Health Organization.

We have to wait and collect more information until we understand the real behavior of this variant, Tedros said, urging leaders and the public to take the situation seriously.

The Omicron strain, which has multiple mutations, was first detected in South Africa and Botswana in November.

The scientific chief ofWorld Health OrganizationDr Soumya Swaminathan, who also attended the press conference, said early data from South Africa showed hospitalizations remained lower than in previous Delta-related waves and the number of people hospitalized with need for oxygen or intensive care is lower.

She felt, however, that it was still too early to conclude that this is a moderate variant.

We’re only just starting. As Omicron spreads, it’s going to affect the whole world, the unvaccinated people, the elderly. We will then see if it is also benign in these people, she warned.

But beyond its dangerousness, theWorld Health Organization is, like Anthony Fauci, very worried about the speed with which the variant is spreading and threatening to overwhelm health systems and therefore cause many deaths.

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