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With Halo Infinite, Microsoft wants to breathe new life into its legendary series


Playable on consoles and PC, Halo Infinite returns to the adventures of Master Chief, still equipped with his futuristic armor and his panoply of heavy weapons, and engaged in an interstellar conflict set in the 26th century.

This highly anticipated opus is of crucial importance for the whole Xbox ecosystem, emphasizes Mat Piscatella of the research firm NPD Group.

Output is important for new consoles, but not only, indicates this specialist in the sector, who recalls that Microsoft is also targeting the immense community of players who use on-demand gaming services thanks to the cloud (cloud).

Rivalry between Sony and Microsoft

The American giant is counting on Halo Infinite to make up part of its delay with Sony, the two groups having marketed their most recent consoles a few days apart in November 2020.

According to figures from Ampere Analysis, the Japanese manufacturer had sold 12.8 million PlayStation 5s at the end of September, almost double the 6.7 million Xbox Series X and S sold on the same date.

Nintendo’s Switch, released in 2017, had sold nearly 90 million copies.

A postponed exit

Initially planned for the launch of the latest Xboxes, Halo Infinite, developed by the studio 343 Industries, has seen its release repeatedly postponed.

In question, delays related to the pandemic, but also the salvo of negative comments and taunts after the publication, in July 2020, of a video of the game with graphics considered to be of poor quality by several fans of the series.

The studio 343 Industries has revised its copy and surprised fans by offering a free trial version on November 15, the anniversary of the release of the first Xbox and of Halo: Combat Evolved.

A game worthy of the series

My first impression is that the game is both close and very different from other Halos, which for me is a perfect balance., describes Jenn, a professional gamer, known by the pseudonym Queen x3.

Like many instavidists (streamers) of Twitch and game streaming platforms, the 28-year-old American particularly appreciates the competitive aspect of the series.

Very few people are able to grab a controller and be super strong the first time., she describes.

A series that moves the crowds

Inseparable from Microsoft’s first consumer console, Halo has won over tens of millions of followers and revolutionized the first-person shooter genre.

Joshua Mash Mashlan, who coaches pro Halo players for esports tournaments, discovered the saga with the second installment, released in 2004.

Halo 2 came out, there were Times Square billboard ads and people lined up in the street “,” text “:” When Halo 2 came out there were Times Square billboard ads and people lined up in the street “}}”>When Halo 2 came out, there were advertisements on the signs in Times Square and people lined up on the street, remembers the 28-year-old.

All games combined, the series has sold 81 million copies, according to Microsoft, as of November 15, 2021.

On the day of its release, the beta version of Halo Infinite has brought together more than 270,000 players simultaneously, according to the SteamDB database.

The popularity of the license has extended far beyond video game boundaries, with variations in novels, comics, films and a developing TV series, co-produced by Steven Spielberg.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Xbox and Halo, Microsoft has opened a virtual museum, which traces the major dates of its home consoles.

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