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Workers at four Kellogg factories end US strike


In early December, a previous version of the agreement was rejected by these employees, after which Kellogg announced its intention to hire other workers to replace the strikers.

The announcement was publicly criticized by the President of the United States himself, Joe Biden saying deeply troubled.

On Friday, Senator Bernie Sanders, a figure of the American social left, went to meet striking workers in Battle Creek, Michigan, where one of Kellogg’s factories is located, which markets the Special cereal brands in particular. K, Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies.

The new agreement approved by the employees of the Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Omaha (Nebraska), Memphis (Tennessee) and Battle Creek sites provides in particular for salary and pension increases.

The document also formalizes and accelerates the transition of employees hired on less favorable terms to the general system of the company.

This agreement marks progress and does not include any concessions.

A quote from Anthony Shelton, President of BCTGM

Our striking members at Kellogg […] bravely stood firm and sacrificed much to reach a just deal, commented, in a statement, the president of the union BCTGM (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union), Anthony Shelton.

We are happy to have reached an agreement which allows the return of our employees to workKellogg CEO Steve Cahillane said in a separate statement.

We look forward to their return and the resumption of production of our cherished grains for our customers.

A quote from Steve Cahillane, CEO of Kellogg

Since the fall, social movements have multiplied in the United States as at the manufacturer of agricultural machinery, gardening and construction sites John Deere, where an agreement was, again, finally found, in mid-November.

Unions and employees demand wage increases to adjust incomes to inflation, the highest in nearly 40 years, and capitalize on current tensions in the job market, with a very low unemployment rate and millions of dollars. ‘offers not filled.

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