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Yemen rebels fire missiles at UAE and Arabia


Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are part of a coalition that has been intervening in Yemen since 2015 to militarily support the government against the Houthis, supported by Iran, the Saudi kingdom’s great regional rival.

All three countries are in the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen borders Saudi Arabia, and the capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is located some 1,500 kilometers from Sanaa, the Yemeni capital controlled by the Houthis.

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi on Monday condemned the rebel attacks.

Launched a few hours apart, the new Houthi shots came after an airstrike attributed to the coalition against a prison in Saada, a Houthi stronghold in northern Yemen.

The Houthis claimed responsibility for the shooting and threatened tointensify their attacks. The rebels said they could target the Emirates’ military and economic institutions if the latter continued their interference in Yemen.

We are ready to respond to escalation with escalation. »

A quote from Yahya Saree, military spokesman for the rebels, in a televised statement

The Emirates and Saudi Arabia are calling on the United States to put the rebels back on the US list of terrorist organizations, from which they were removed last year to avoid complicating the work of humanitarian workers in Yemen.

The coalition, on the other hand, denied any responsibility in the strike against the prison in Saada. International NGOs and rebels have accused the coalition of mastering Yemen’s airspace.

Patients lie on stretchers in a hospital.

The airstrike against Saada prison on January 21 left more than 70 people dead and several injured.

Photo: Getty Images/AFP

Washington warns of ‘worrying escalation’

Washington called Monday aworrying escalation rebel missile fire, while the UAE ambassador to the US capital, Youssef Al-Otaiba, said in a tweet that the close cooperation between his country and the US had helped repel a new round of Houthi terror attacks [lundi] morning in the emirates.

Emirates air defenses intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi terror group. […] The attack caused no casualties, and debris from the destroyed missiles fell around Abu Dhabi. »

A quote from The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defense

According to the spokesperson for the US Army Central Command (CENTCOM), US forces stationed at Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi assisted the Emirates in intercepting the two ballistic missiles launched in the early hours of the morning on January 24, 2022 by the Houthis shooting several Patriot missiles.

Soldiers and military personnel are stationed”,”text”:”US forces were on high alert at the time of the attack, the second in a week. We are ready to respond in case of new attacks against Al-Dhafra base, where nearly 2000 soldiers and military personnel are stationed”}}”>US forces were on high alert at the time of the attack, the second in a week. We are ready to respond in case of new attacks against Al-Dhafra base, where nearly 2,000 soldiers and military personnel are stationed, according to the CENTCOM press release.

Also in Abu Dhabi, the embassy of the United States, an ally country of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, called on Americans to observe a high level of alertness.

Recent firefights

A few hours earlier, in the middle of the night, the Saudi authorities reported two people injured by a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis against the town of Jazane. Another missile fired at Dhahran Al-Janoub was intercepted.

In response, the coalition said it had destroyed a ballistic missile launch pad in Al-Jawf area in northern Yemen, largely controlled by the Houthis.

On Monday, January 17, the Houthis claimed responsibility for a drone and missile attack on oil installations and Abu Dhabi airport, which left three people dead.

They then threatened to launch new attacks against the Emirates, calling on civilians and foreign companies to avoid the vital sites in this country.

The Houthis have carried out multiple operations against Saudi Arabia in recent years, but the January 17 attack was the first recognized by the Emirates on their soil.

It was followed by a series of coalition airstrikes against rebel-held areas in Yemen.

One of the strikes left 14 dead in Sanaa, and another three dead – children – in Hodeida, through which passes most of the international aid intended for Yemen.

The proliferation of Houthi attacks against the Emirates, a wealthy Gulf country that holds to its reputation as an oasis of peace in the Middle East, opens a new page in the war in Yemen unleashed in 2014.

In more than seven years of war, all parties to the conflict have been accused of war crimes by experts from theUnited Nations. Implicated for multiple burrs, the coalition recognized errors, but accuses the rebels of using civilians as human shields.

L’United Nations has been trying in vain for several years to end this devastating conflict which, according to her, has killed 377,000 people and pushed a population of 30 million to the brink of famine in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula.

Iran denies supplying weapons to the Houthis as accused by Saudis and Americans.

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