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You can now show your disapproval of a tweet with one click


A comment on Twitter is useless, harmful, or does not advance the debate in your opinion? The social network now allows you to vote it down anonymously (downvote), a test feature that has just been rolled out worldwide.

The social network began testing this feature, in addition to the positive vote, on the mobile application (iOS and Android) in July 2021 with a limited number of Internet users, but now it is offered to all users. and users.

The option is known to Reddit followers, who have the option to vote by sending up or down comments on the forum. However, on this site, the total of positive and negative votes is public, a data kept confidential on Twitter for the moment.

Facebook has also tested a similar function for comments in groups.

A success so far

Twitter tweeted that people have responded well to the test so far, downing comments deemed offensive and irrelevant. The social network, however, did not specify what happened to the upvote test.

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This experiment revealed that downvoting was the most common way people used to report unwanted content. [et qu’il] improved the quality of conversations on Twitter, said Twitter.

The functionality is indeed easier to access than the drop-down menu to report a comment. However, it carries the risk of silencing dissenting opinions under a publication.

Recently, YouTube decided to hide the public count of its button I do not like on its videos to prevent targeted attacks and harassment.

This voting system could one day become permanent, but Twitter is currently continuing its test phase.

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