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You’ll be able to fight zombies with the Alexa voice assistant in Dead Island 2


No need to have an Amazon Prime account or own an Echo voice assistant: players will only need to wear a headset with a microphone to operate the Alexa Games Control, which will be integrated into the game Also, it will be needless to say Alexa for the tool to activate.

Amazon, which owns Alexa, made the announcement during the opening of the major video game trade show Gamescon on Tuesday.

Dead Island 2 is the first game that will use Alexa Games Control voice commands. The feature, currently in private beta, will only be available on PC and Xbox in English in North America at this time. Amazon wants to integrate it into other titles, offer it in more languages, and expand it to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles later.

This isn’t the first time voice commands have been used in a video game. In the past, they were made possible in particular with the Kinect of the Xbox console, the production of which was stopped in 2017.

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This announcement also marks a big comeback for the first-person shooter Dead Island 2, announced eight years ago by studio Deep Silver. Players can expect to battle zombies against the backdrop of the city of Los Angeles.

The game is scheduled to launch on February 3, 2023.

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