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YouTube urged to fight disinformation harder


Every day we see that YouTube is one of the main vectors of online disinformation around the world., denounce these non-governmental organizations and media based in some forty countries, including Canada.

Journalists from the TV show Decryptors of ICI /TurnedNews.com are members of the International Fact-Checking Network.

We don’t see much effort from YouTube to implement policies that would fix the problem., we accuse in this letter addressed to the boss of the video platform, Susan Wojcicki.

Sufficient efforts according to YouTube

YouTube responded by claiming to have heavily invested in policies and products […] to reduce the spread of false information.

Significant progress has been madeadded YouTube spokeswoman Elena Hernandez, for whom fact-checking constitutes a piece of a larger puzzle to tackle the spread of disinformation.

Signatory fact-checking groups are concerned about rampant disinformation, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conspiracy documentaries or videos promoting false remedies have garnered millions of views on the site, which, like Google, belongs to the Alphabet group.

Remaining worried about risks such as political destabilization, fact-checking organizations say they are ready to engage with YouTube to make their proposals a reality, detailed in the letter to Ms. Wojcicki.

Fact-checking groups ask:

  • A commitment to significant transparency on disinformation on the platform
  • More context and demystification rather than just deleting videos
  • Measures against repeat offenders
  • Increased efforts to tackle disinformation in languages ​​other than English

This battle is one of the greatest of our time, and we must fight it by collaborating with the platforms., defended at a press conference Cristina Tardaguila, founder of Agencia Lupa, in Brazil.

After the proliferation of fake news during the 2016 US presidential campaign, one of the industry’s other giants, Facebook, has partnered with media outlets around the world to fight the spread of fake news.

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