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YouTuber Technoblade dies of cancer aged 23


His father made the announcement on Thursday in a video titled so long, nerd (goodbye nerds), posted on his son’s YouTube channel.

Sitting on a chair in a white studio and wearing a Technoblade vest, he read the youtuber’s last message to his community, written a few hours before his death.

Hello everyone. If you watch this video, I’m deadhe said through the mouth of his father.

In his message, Technoblade, who kept his identity a secret, revealed that his real name was Alex. He thanked his fans for buying his products and signing up for paid subscriptions over the past year, noting that it would allow his brothers to continue their education, should they wish.

If I had a hundred extra lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade every time, because those were the happiest years of my life. »

A quote from Alex, aka Technoblade

His voice choking with emotion, his father told the camera that Alex was the most awesome son that it was possible to have. I miss Technobladehe added, stroking a small dog sitting on his lap.

Technoblade’s father delivered his son’s final message in a YouTube video. The family is now asking the public to respect the creator’s privacy.

Photo: Technoblade/YouTube Screenshot

Pay it forward

Technoblade was followed by over 11 million people on YouTube. He created playful videos where he shared his passion for Minecraft, an adventure game allowing players to build their own world.

He announced to his fans that he would be diagnosed with sarcoma-like cancer in 2021. His family said a portion of Technoblade merchandise revenue would be donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

In a press release, the foundation indicates that Technoblade has already launched a solidarity movement that has raised more than $650,000.

In keeping with the humorous tone and capacity for self-mockery that made it so successful, Technoblade posted the mention “GG EZ” (good part, it was easy) on its website, an expression well known to players.

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