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Zelensky calls on Ukrainian students in Canada to return home after the war | War in Ukraine


Mr. Zelensky extended this invitation directly to Ukrainian students in Canada during a teleconference in which several universities of the country took part, Wednesday morning, in Ontario, in Quebec, in the Prairies and in the Maritimes.

[Sécuriser la situation sur le terrain]this is the biggest pre-measure that we can put in place for future generations, but without you, without the young people, who accumulate this experience abroad, [la reconstruction de l’Ukraine] will be very complicated to achieve and the process will be very slowdid he declare.

Come back with advanced knowledge and with the will to live and build an independent Ukraine. We are here for that. »

A quote from Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

For the time being, however, it is still too early to welcome Ukrainian students who are abroad and who would like to return immediately to the country. Ukraine, he explained, is overwhelmed by war and has no time for bureaucracy.

Our file War in Ukraine

For now, President Zelensky believes that Canadian students should lobby on their elected officials to further support his country in its fight against the Russian invasion.

Ukraine, he explained, needs more weapons, financial support, humanitarian aid and permanent sanctions against Moscow.

With your actions, please do not allow anyone, somewhere in the hierarchy of the bureaucratic corridors, to forget what is happening in Ukraine, to forget the war. Please.

Ukraine’s president suggested students do their part by participating in rallies, speaking out on social media and connecting with friends to remind people of the tragedies unfolding in Ukraine, nearly four months after the beginning of the invasion of the country by Russia.

A call heard

Volodymyr Zelensky was speaking to Canadian university students on Wednesday in a teleconference organized by the Munk School of International Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

Ten other universities in the country also participated in the event, and some of their students were able to ask questions directly to the Ukrainian president.

At the University of Montreal, where TurnedNews.com went on Wednesday, many Ukrainian students attended the teleconference, including Maryna Khrennikova, moved by seeing President Zelensky appear on the screen.

When I heard the Ukrainian language and when I saw our president… it was very impressiveshe confided after the event.February, for the other students, it’s only a date, but for us, it’s very different.”,”text”:”When, for example, the president recalls that the war started on February 24, for the others students, it’s only a date, but for us it’s very different.”}}”>When, for example, the president recalls that the war began on February 24, for the other students it is only a date, but for us it is very different.

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Maryna Khrennikova shed a few tears at the very start of the event.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Ivanoh Demers

Maryna hopes to be able to return to Ukraine when the war is over, but not necessarily forever.

The young woman, who has just come of age, sees herself instead starting a family with a man of another nationality than her own – not a Ukrainian – and raise polyglot children, in Ukraine or in another country.

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Students wanted to immortalize their telemeeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Wednesday, at the University of Montreal.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Ivanoh Demers

Students like Maryna, the University of Montreal has welcomed 10 since the beginning of the war by quickly setting up an exchange program with the National University of Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city. And their presence on Quebec soil will last as long as necessary.

There were not many exchange programs in Ukraine before this framework, explains Rector Daniel Jutras. Gold, it is a vehicle by which one can [accueillir les étudiants] very, very quicklyhe continues. Otherwise, they are much more complex processes of international mobility.

The rector also confirms that, three months after the controversy, history professor Michael J. Carley, whose pro-Putin comments expressed on Twitter caused unease at the university, was never sanctioned or suspended in because of his opinions, which, according to management, come under the freedom of education.

Mr. Carley was not teaching in the winter session, and he was still top early Wednesday to say if he would do it again this fall, said Mr. Jutras.

Canadian financial aid is arriving, says Freeland

President Zelensky had already spoken to the Canadian Parliament on March 15, at the very beginning of the Russian invasion.

On Wednesday, he was introduced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, whose maternal family is of Ukrainian origin.

This influential figure in the Trudeau government recalled that Ottawa had pledged to provide $1.87 billion in financial aid to kyiv, of which $1.5 billion has already been paid. That’s more than any other country has managed to send to the Ukrainian government’s bank accountshe pointed out.

As long as it takes, Canada will be there for Ukraine. »

A quote from Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada

Meanwhile, fighting continues on the ground. The Russian army captured a key village south of Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, and an oil refinery in southwestern Russia was attacked on Wednesday by drones flying from Ukrainian territory.

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